Privacy Policy

Before applying with Cash X-Stream you must read carefully our privacy policy. Now you can online access our privacy policy page which describes the collection, sharing and disclosure practices that we follow. Moreover this piece of content will also tell you the information that we collect from your end and where and how we will use your details. Above all, here you can make confirmation about whether or not our site if safe to access.

Cash X-Stream here takes up the best security practices in order to make this site secure to access. You will be sharing your details via a safe and secured medium. For sake of your security, the details that you forward to us are converted to encrypted form so that illegal attempt can be avoided.

It should be noted here that Cash X-Stream has been in collaboration with trusted lending sources. So, here the details that have been provided by the borrowers are only shared with registered lenders who will be customizing loan offers for the borrowers.

To simply access our site Cash X-Stream for information collection purpose there is no need for you to give us your personal details. We respect your privacy and thus have formulated our policies which will ensure a secured environment where you can access our site without any fear.

But if you are here to apply for loans then certainly you will be asked to complete an online form with details like your name, your physical address, your email id, telephone number, date of birth, employment details, citizenship status, information about home ownership, frequency and amount of pay checks etc. So, these are some of your personally identifiable details which needed to be enclosed along with the application.

Based on this information we will authenticate your identity and your eligibility status. Besides, your contact information will be used by us in sending you information about upcoming offers and our services.

On the flip side, the other details about you that you look for are your IP address, your access time of our site, your browser type and language and the other sites that have been accessed by you. These non-personal details are required to assess your browsing experience with us and this also tells us what changes are needed.

Some third party links are there in our site. These links act independently since they have own terms and conditions and are not governed by ours.

We update our privacy policies from time to time. So, review this page every time you access our site.

Cookie Policy

Cash X-Stream, an Canada based online loan matching service provider help you to make your web experience easy and smooth by using cookies. Wondering what cookies are all about? How it will help you to enjoy smooth web experience? Cookies are basically a bunch of small text files that are directly downloaded to your computer or laptop through Internet browsing. Cookies do not store any information related to your passwords or any other confidential details. Yes, you read it right! This means it is completely safe to use cookies.

The reason behind maintaining a separate page of cookie policy on our website is just to help you to know for what purpose we use cookies and how cookies can turn your web experience convenient and fast. If you continue using our website at a regular interval then it will be considered as your acceptance towards our cookie policy. But if you are not agreed to it then you can any time set a browser to refuse or delete cookies. But by refusing cookies you may not able to use our website as fast as it has to be.

Cookies are generally used to store your preferences, so that we can recognize you when you next long-in to our website. In addition to that, by understanding areas of your interest we could be able to send you newsletters with an ease. Cookies only store information like your IP address, email address, name and other basic details. We always make a point to keep your personal details safe and secure.

Moreover, at Cash X-Stream we use cookies to count the total number of people who have visited us and how many of them have actually filled our application form and applied with us. By using information collected on your computer while browsing a website, we could be able to compile report and can able to know about your interests and preferences, which further enable us to improve our services for you.

At our website we also use cookies to track number of important things such as to track your first and last page, to track areas you visited on the website, to track your keyword searches, to track links you browse on the site, to track how much time you spend on a particular page, to track your IP address etc. By tracking all these details we can know about how our website is used and can also learn about statistical trends of the website with ease.